Flight Control System - Cambridge UAV

Cambridge UAV have performed extensive and costly testing to finalise the flight controller used in our aircraft.

DJI Wookong M and A2

We have concluded that the Wookong M and A2 systems from DJI International provide the best and more importantly the safest flight control on the market at this time. The excellent DJI Groundstation gives unrivalled information concerning the location, orientation and state of the aircraft at all times.
grey box with attached lead

grey boxes with wires


The flight systems proved to provide unparalleled positioning stability and control whilst having features unmatched by all others in the market.


Dedicated ground control software
Live export of data
Flight data recorder
Adjustable parameters from Ground Control System
Electronic cordon in the sky
Adjustable height limit, never exceed the maximum height
Controlled ascent and descent rates
Gimbal control outputs
Emergency protocols
Control support for all types of multi-rotor configuration