Hexa-Copter CAM6 - Cambridge UAV

Cambridge CAM6 Hexa-Copter medium lift platform. Significant design and testing efforts in reducing vibration and increasing flight times has resulted in an aircraft that is perfect for all but the most demanding of film or photography assignments.


The CAM6 Has been especially developed using commercial components to provide an exceptionally agile platform for light to medium cameras.

High level undercarriage allows the fitment of many different camera handling systems.

Motors used on the CAM6 are the same proven units as used on the CAM8

Anti-Vibration system

The anti-vibration mount not only isolates the camera and gimbal from the high levels of vibration that can be present, but also isolates the flight control system from the airframe, ensuring that vital stability in flight is unaffected. The Cambridge anti-vibration mount is manufactured in GR10 to avoid any radio signal interference.

Flight Controller

The flight controller chosen for the CAM6 is the ZeroUAV YS-X4 and has proven to be perfectly matched to this aircraft. The YS-X4 features a wifi downlink to the excellent ZeroUAV ground control station allowing users to check parameters of the aircraft whilst in flight and to upload new settings to the aircraft whilst at the field.