Octocopter CAM8 - Cambridge UAV

The flagship of the Cambridge fleet of UAV’s, CAM 8 is an Octocopter designed for heavy lift or long duration flights. Many hours have gone into the development of this platform. Whilst similar to other Octos on the market, The Cam 8 has significant detail changes that make it a fantastic platform for video or stills data capture.


The arms for the CAM 8 are carbon fibre, necessary for the high strength needed whilst reducing the flex that produces bad vibrations in an airframe. The airframe core is made of GR10 GFB rather than carbon. This material has a much lower impact on radio signal and we have utilized it wherever possible on the airframe for exactly this reason.

Motors selected for CAM8 are high torque outrunner motors designed especially for multi-rotor applications. They are the most powerful available in this configuration and have exceptional reliability, being brushless they have only a couple of moving parts.

The rest of the aircraft has been optimised in every way for lightness or strength and all parts combine to deliver class leading flight times or lifting performance.
up close uav propeller

carbon fiber rod with small mechanism

Anti-Vibration system

Good quality video or stills images cannot be collected without first isolating the vibration produced by 8 motors and propellers.

The Cambridge aircraft all feature a unique anti-vibration design that isolates the recording device from the rest of the airframe.


The CAM8 aircraft utilizes a modular payload tray that gives the capability of interchanging cameras to suit the task.

Our aircraft have been tested with Broadcast HD cameras through DSLR’s to the humble but excellent GoPro range.
Some cameras may require modification to use all functions.
go-pro camera in uav stabiliser