Typical Flight Plan - Cambridge UAV

All flight operations require careful planning to be successful. We will discuss with you exactly the type of images you require. After a site survey and risk assessment has been completed, our team will plan the required flights to make most efficient use of time. Digital imagery allows us to record footage all the time we are in flight and a live downlink streams to ground based monitors giving you the confidence that your required images are being captured.
We are more than happy for clients to be present and see 'live' what the aircraft can see.

The separate camera controls on the aircraft allow the camera operator to frame the images exactly and let the pilot concentrate on positioning the aircraft. the video downlink aids with positioning of the aircraft for that perfect shot.

A normal flight would be approximately 10 to 15 minutes long. Our maximum height of operation is 400 feet and the aircraft is never flown out of sight or more than 500 metres from the pilot.

Our requirements for the flight area are that we have a clear area of 30m away from buildings and that any spectators are 50m away. These are the safety requirements laid down by the CAA.

man in cap next to van with remote control for a uav